Guy le perse

sculptor of the mysteries of the human soul

Guy le Perse : portrait de l'artiste Guy le Perse en train de modeler une sculpture

Guy le perse

Roubaix 1953

The sculptor Guy Le Perse was trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles de Roubaix and at the École des Beaux-Arts de Douai. Among his mentors were the sculptor Armand Debeve, for whom he modeled in several works, and the painter and engraver Auguste-Jean Gaudin. From these influences, he acquired a very high personal standard in mastering his craft and creating his works.

A versatile and experienced artist, Guy Le Perse excels in both burin engraving and painting. He dedicated many years to serving a prestigious clientele. Alongside his sculptural practice, which he considered a personal and secret philosophy, Guy Le Perse shared his knowledge by teaching in applied arts schools and fine arts schools in northern France.

Shortly before the year 2000, he decided to devote himself primarily to sculpture. He produced powerful and profound figurative works that are part of the great tradition of French statuary, one of the richest and most beautiful in the world. Through his work, Guy Le Perse perpetuates the excellence of French sculpture, elevated to its rightful place by illustrious artists such as Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and Auguste Rodin.

Male nude - Bronze sculpture - The architect's grave by Guy le Perse
Male nude - Bronze sculpture - The architect's grave by Guy le Perse

Inspired by the foundations and mysteries of the human soul revealed by great myths and foundational texts, Guy Le Perse created timeless works of great beauty, blending strength and delicacy.

Guy Le Perse - marble sculpture of an odalisque, Eve on the Rock, young nude woman
Guy Le Perse, Eve on the Rock, original plaster of the bronze work

Throughout his professional career, Guy Le Perse fiercely maintained his independence, also remaining on the margins of his era. His sculptures do not conform to any trend or movement; they are timeless. Uncompromising with the present, Guy Le Perse’s works have the ability to express the human tragedy for both people of the past and those who will view them a thousand years from now.

A perfectionist and demanding artist, Guy Le Perse personally ensures every step of the creation process of his sculptures, except for the bronze casting. From the initial modeling to the chiseling and patina creation, he supervises every detail of his works with the same rigor.