Le logo monogramme de la galerie theophanos. La galerie theophanos est une galerie d'art en ligne qui propose des oeuvres d'art : tableaux, sculptures et dessins exceptionnels d'artistes exposés dans de grands musées.


The Theophanos Gallery is an online art gallery offering eclectic, refined works of art. It offers works by artists who are listed in museums and public collections. The Theophanos Gallery aims at connecting collectors and enlightened connoisseurs with quality paintings, statues, drawings and objet d’art. Because we believe that works of art, through their beauty and history, sublimate an interior space, we attach particular importance to transcribing the history of the works, their message and their place in the history of art.


Objects cross the ages and get steeped in history. They become lifelong companions, bridges between their owners. The Theophanos Gallery presents quality works by well-known and referenced artists, ranging from the 17th century statue to Art Nouveau ceramics and academic drawing.

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Portrait dessiné par Sixtine Ros de l'Atelier2s de Jean-Marie Candelier : fondateur de la Galerie Theophanos : galerie d'art en ligne. Jean-Marie Candelier est marchand d'art et collectionneur.
Portrait dessiné à l'encre de Stephane Ros par Sixtine Ros de l'Atelier2s. Stephane Ros est historien de l'Art, diplômé de l'Ecole du Louvre.


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Jean-Marie Candelier
& stephane Ros

The Theophanos Gallery wants to meet the enlightened, curious mind of the honnête homme (a man of culture). This is the story of two men passionate about art, history and beauty: Jean-Marie Candelier, a collector, a creator and a connoisseur, and Stéphane Ros, an art historian, graduate of the École du Louvre. Together, they unearth works by masters that are part of the history of art and artistic movements.

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The Theophanos atelier aims at restoring works that have been damaged by time. We work with conservators and restorers from prestigious French schools to magnify the works while being as close as possible to museum conservation standards. We also offer a choice of custom-made frames for paintings and graphic arts, and plinths and stands to highlight statues and objet d’art.

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The onset of the First World War upended the art world, challenging the portrayal of a mechanized war marked by swift and tumultuous developments. In the midst of academic revival and the emergence of novel artistic forms, this article delves into the artworks dedicated to the First World War.