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Bronze Okimono – Kitsune – Habiro workshop

Habiro workshop

Bronze Okimono depicting a fox

Date : Meiji era ( 1868-1912)

Dimensions : H : 28 cm ; L : 45 cm

Material : Bronze with patina

Condition : Good condition

Conditions & disponibilité: signed


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Bronze okimono depicting a fox

This dark patina bronze sculpture depicts a fox, or kitsune in Japanese. In okimono production, the fox is a subject rarely treated in such a naturalistic way.

This okimono is signed Habiroya sei (羽廣屋製) – Made by the Habiro workshop.

An important animal in Japanese culture and mythology, the kitsune is the subject of numerous stories, myths and legends. Interestingly, Japanese culture is the only one with numerous myths about foxes possessing humans.

Its eyes are made of glass paste and the fur is chiseled. With head raised and mouth open, it seems to be scanning some prey.

"Maître karasu, sur un arbre perché, Tenait en son bec un fromage. Maître kitsune, par l’odeur alléché, Lui tint à peu près ce langage :..." Pseudo Jean de la Fontaine

Habiro workshop

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